An Alien is:
– a person who resides temporarily or permanently, either legally or illegally, in a nation other than the nation of its citizenship;
– a person who is a tourist or a temporary visitor of a nation other than the nation of its citizenship;
– a person who has no citizenship;
– a person who, by reasons of war or conflict, was forced to flee its nation of birth or residence;
– a person who is a misfit, a lunatic, a mooncalf or an outsider of sorts;
– a person who is an Englishman in New York;
– a person who feels like an alien.

We are Aliens.

The term "alien" has been used for more than a century in legal terminology to describe, in a general sense, people who are in a place outside of its native nation (i.e. foreigners or immigrants). However, what once defined us only in the eyes of the law is now defining us as individuals. We have become the side-product of unions, groups and nations that haven't been inclusive. We have been slowly dehumanized and given a face closer to the one science fiction has accustomed us to, when talking about aliens, than to the face we were born with or chose to have.

This continuous segregation has brought us together. We are now a nation beyond nations. We embrace our differences by recognizing our one sole equality. We are now the ones defining who we are and how we want to be seen. We are aliens.

Gathering of people who feel they don't belong. Alien Nation's driving force goes beyond the realm of psychology and enters the political and social aspects involved in the feeling of belonging to a place.

There shall be no alien to our Alien Nation for there will be no fixed borders, human or geographical, to our territory to exclude from.

Alien Nation's mission is to provide a home to those who are or feel culturally homeless.

Blissfully disrupt the social norms attached to the idea of what one should do to fit in culturally, by means of political happenings galactically wide.

As Aliens, we politely excuse from Earth and begin a quest to return to the home science fiction gave us—the Outer Space—, by establishing the Moon as our first step to the final frontier.

Series of worldwide gatherings in the form of parades. These parades are demonstrations of Alien Nation's ideas and ideals and they invite all aliens and alien sympathizers to the discussion.

ET phone home ET phone home

23 May / Geneva, Switzerland

Under the theme "Home: where to belong, if we belong nowhere?", the Parade #0 will be a laboratory of ideas regarding the subject of belongingness. What if the moon was our home and the Earth was our backyard?

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